About us

Several years ago our family was facing some serious illness within our family and friends. There were years of suffering during their disease process. An unnecessary long suffering. In my oppinion the right diagnose could have been made much faster. There had to be a solution for this! This drive led me to Mybodyassistant.com in May 2009

Combination of passion and experience

My passion for the healthcare combined with my experience at UMC St Radboud (Netherlands) and my technical background, has driven me to set up this website. With this website it is possible to search quick and easy by symptom, health problem or treatment. In this way, in combination with Artificial Intelligence, it is easy to create a potential weighted list of health problems and treatments. Anyone can share his knowledge and experience, which will be used for future search results to make these more accurately.

Let us know what we can improve!

We are constantly looking for opportunities for MyBodyAssistant.com to match your needs. Do you have ideas or suggestions? Let us know!

Please feel free to contact us.